Logistics Companies

Link Commerce has the perfect solution to help your logistics and shipping company ship more. We know shipping is a volume business and you need more volume. To help you increase your volume we can create our award-winning patented mobile and PC app for you giving you instant access to over 8 billion items from over 250+ US/UK stores. We already have the stores integrated and since it’s your app we can guarantee 100% of all shipments from the stores on your app will go through your company, as long as your app is used for the sale. We will take care of payments and any other task needed, to ensure we provide an all-inclusive platform for your logistics company to grow.

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Payment & Financial Institution Companies

At link commerce we want to help your business grow. As a payments and financial institution you make money when people spend money and shop with the funds going through your bank. We have the world’s largest eCommerce platform with over 8 billion items people can spend their money on while paying via your payment platform and or financial institution. We can guarantee for example anyone shopping on Macys with your app pays on your platform. So you get the benefit of the transaction. We can build a custom app with your brand. Giving your customers access to over 8 billion items from over 250+ US/UK stores. We already have the stores integrated and since it’s your app we can guarantee 100% payments will go through you and we will take care of shipping and delivery.

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Other Industries

In 2017 over $2 Trillion dollars spent on online retail. Your customers and users love to shop online. At Link Commerce we want your customers to remember your name, and your brand when they shop online. We can build you a custom eCommerce platform with over 250+ of the US/UK top online stores already built into the app. Over 8 billion items and thousands of brands. Let us provide your business with a new way to connect with your customers and increase market share by offering something unique. We will manage the app and all the processes from payments to delivery. You simply promote the app to your audience. This way they always have you on their mind. Take advantage of being able to say your company has its very own eCommerce app.

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Your very own branded eCommerce App with 8.5 billion items.

Everyone loves to shop online, and at Link Commerce we have a solution that helps your customer do just that but with an app specifically made and branded with your companies identity. Think of it this way, your customers can get to shop from 250+ US and UK sites from an app that is branded with your logo, special features and more. This provides your company with a unique selling proposition, new customer acquisition and retention model all in one. We build the app just for you and manage and maintain any part of the end to end infrastructure you need us to. We can help manage payments, shipping, delivery etc.