Many people in emerging markets all over the world have a hard and impossible time shopping online especially from top US and UK ecommerce sites. Online retailers do not ship to many emerging market countries. Many do not have the ability to accept local payment types, and simply put don't have an interest or funding to invest in a proper emerging market expansion plan.

That's where we come in. At Link Commerce we help retailers sell into emerging markets and help buyers buy from emerging markets. We do this with our patented app and platform and help over 250 stores…, Delivered Locally is what we do! We Provide companies with a means to increase their customer base, product offering, with our patented online shopper's solution which allows shoppers from anywhere in the world the ultimate access to clothing, skincare and beauty products, electronics, jewelry, and 8.5 billion items sold in over 250+ of the top online retailers in both the US and UK.

At Link Commerce we provide your company with a custom eCommerce app branded for your business, and stocked with over 8.5 billion of the most in demand products in the world. We also provide affiliate models and opportunities.

If you are a retailer that wants to sell to the world. Or you are a bank, mobile operator, shipping company or business owner who wants a state of the art eCommerce platform with a built in 8.5 billion products all ready to go with your brand. We are the company you want. Contact us today and let us see what we can do for you.