Making cross-Border trade easy,accessible and affordable

At Link Commerce we have developed an easy way for eCommerce companies like yours to sell products to billions of potential global customers outside the US and UK. Activate our PaynShip Global plugin and in minutes you can turn your eCommerce store into a global payments and shipping powerhouse.

For Shopify and WooCommerce stores all you need to do is add our PaynShip Global button to your website from the Shopify or WooCommerce plugin stors and you are done. When customers click on the new PaynShip Global button added to your site they will be able to pay for items using local payment methods. Our PaynShip Global button user get items shipped fast globally at extremely low negotiated rates secured due to the volumes of shipments we do daily. Our shipping rates are up to 75% less than what most eCommerce companies can get individually. By being a mega shipping platform, we have used out power of volume to negotiate unbelievable shipping rates which we pass down to your cross-border customers.

Note: Our plugin only works on Shopify and WooCommerce at this time we plan on launching on other eCommerce platforms soon.


With our "PaynShip Global" button help retailers with the following:

Payment Acceptance and Payout

The PaynShip Global plugin activates a payment platform like PayPal but with 150+ local payments options with 1 buttonManaging all the exchange rates,taxes,shipping costs and duties. We pay you via PayPals Hyperwallet, a frictionless, transparent, and reliable purpose-built payout platform.

Global Shipping / Logistics

The PaynShip Global checkout button plugin activates your online store to ship globally via DHL and other shippers. Includes fees, taxes, duties all with 1 button

Revenues Global Sales

Our PaynShip Global plugin enables your store to sell globally like Amazon without the complexity of building your own expensive infrastructure and platform. We do this all with 1 button

Global Marketplace Exposure

We help you market your site on various platforms we run and manage all over the world.

How the PaynShip Global Button Works?

PaynShip Global is a global cross-border enabler for Shopify and WooCommerce sites. Our goal to get your eCommerce site shipping globally in minutes. We put over 10 years of global shipping experience into a single platform anyone can use. With no programming you can be up, running and shipping globally. Safely, Securely and with confidence.

  • Step 1: Install the plugin button to your site (currently only on Shopify). Advertise your site to customers in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.
  • Step 2: As soon as a foreign order is placed via the “Global Pay & Ship” button, Link Commerce collects the money from the customer and our system places the order on your site and pays you with a US/UK credit card.
  • Step 3: You get paid by us and ship the product to our US/UK warehouse.
  • Step 4: We get the item review it and ship it to your global customer.
  • Step 5: You are done we handle the rest and ensure your customer gets their items in 3-5 days from the day we get the item at our warehouse.