Link Commerce Ltd is a UK entity developed to help retailers and shoppers globally. Founded by Silicon Valley based serial entrepreneur Chris Folayan in 2018 as a company from the highly successful MallforAfrica platform. With Link Commerce Ltd we are taking the idea and platform global. Link Commerce Ltd is a team of entrepreneurs, software, partnerships, IT and logistics gurus who have worked in and built amazing companies including It took us 5 years to transform into our innovative new eCommerce patented platform that it is today. With Link Commerce we can now develop be custom-tailored and branded for your business if you want a turnkey eCommerce platform. This is what we have done for companies such as DHL with Africa eShop and others. With Link Commerce, you can sell our white label turnkey ecommerce platform to your customers from an inventory of over 8.5 billion products from over 250 of the top eCommerce websites in the US and UK.

Our goal is to help retailers sell to the world easily and help shoppers buy from anywhere in the world easily. That is what Link Commerce Ltd does. With our white-label product our platform can help your businesses grow.

Link Commerce is the answer to the demand for accessibility to brand name clothing, skincare and beauty products, household furnishings, electronics, and a full range of quality products. It has been built with the insights gathered from logistics companies, shipping companies, banks and global online retailers. The result is the largest online mall in your country! We want you to start to grow your user base with our custom Link Commerce eCommerce app branded for your company., and our many other private eCommerce platforms are still available, but with Link Commerce we provide companies like yours with a branded platform and eCommerce app to better serve their community and provide access to products not found anywhere else in their region or country.